Question regarding IMAP & SMTP Proxy

Matthieu Sevestre matthieu at
Wed Dec 12 14:09:08 MSK 2007


I'm new to Nginx. I'm facing a problem and perhaps nginx may be able to help me :)

Considering that Nginx will run on a server (let's say with LAN IP, I would like to be able to use as server setting in my mailer:
- IMAP server: / nginx listen port #1
- SMTP server: / nginx listen port #2

Final IMAP/SMTP servers to access are:
- IMAP: through SSL (port #993)
- SMTP: through port #25

Will Nginx be able to "forward" my requests correctly or did I misunderstood its capabilities ?

If Nginx is able to do this, could you help me to configure it please because after having a look to the wiki, I did not found anything related to the use I wish :) ?


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