New entry in the english Wiki: Installing recent versions from Debian Repositories (testing and sid)

Aníbal Rojas anibalrojas at
Thu Dec 13 18:19:17 MSK 2007


    I just added a new entry in the wiki regarding how to track
"recent"  Nginx packages trough the Debian repositories.

    A lot of people install from sources because stable package is
frozen at 0.4.13, and that's not really required.

    You can check this wiki entry at:

    Please feel free to correct any mistakes, my english is far from
perfect (I live in Venezuela), testing the procedure will be great.

    Also I am not sure if it should be linked from the GettingStarted
document, what do you think? Right now I added it to the end of the

    Best regards,

Aníbal Rojas

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