https + large-file sending, sometimes fails

Dave Cheney dave at
Tue Dec 18 18:23:30 MSK 2007

Hi Gábor,

	What puzzles us is the problem only occurs when downloading static  
files, which is a rare occurrence, vs. checkouts and logins which  
happen far more frequently.

	I had tried to report this issue to the list a while ago but didn't  
do a good job of explaining the problem and didn't pique Igors  
interest. Hopefully your report has got his attention and it has  
inspired me to dig deeper into the problem to come up with more  
supporting data.



On 18/12/2007, at 9:02 PM, Gábor Farkas wrote:

> Dave Cheney wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    We've been seeing this problem with large (10's of megabyte)  
>> static files being served from an NFS volume over https. We also  
>> use https in our application for cart and login screens but have  
>> not seen any errors of the type reported below. I tried a number of  
>> times to recompile nginx using different ssl libraries and  
>> different proxy configurations but ran our of time and removed the  
>> https download.
>>    The one clue that you've provided Gábor is NFS. I can reproduce  
>> the problem very easily so I will now try with the static files  
>> located on a local volume, not NFS.
> hi Dave,
> i do not want to destroy your hope, but unfortunately we can also  
> reproduce it using local-disks (so no NFS) :(
> gabor

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