https + large-file sending, sometimes fails

Igor Sysoev is at
Thu Dec 20 17:52:01 MSK 2007

On Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 03:02:10PM +0100, G??bor Farkas wrote:

> Igor Sysoev wrote:
> >>>The new commited patch.
> >>>
> >>>1st, it fixes the cause of bug - SSL_shutdown() handling.
> >>>SSL_shutdown() man states incorrectly that SSL_shutdown() will return -1
> >>>on error. Actually SSL_shutdown() never returns -1.
> >>>
> >>>2nd, it clears and logs possible previously unhandled SSL errors so
> >>>they have not affect on a new operation.
> >>
> >>regarding this one... when will there be a new version of nginx, which 
> >>contains this patch? :-)
> >
> >0.6.23 will be next week.
> hmm... but isn't the 0.6 "series" the development series?
> at least, from the website:
> The last stable version is nginx-0.5.34, the change log.
> The last development version is nginx-0.6.22, the change log.
> which practically means, that debian does not have the 0.6 series.
> so i probably will have to patch my local copy of nginx-0.5.x :-(
> p.s: are there any plans making the 0.6 series "stable"
> at some point? :-)

The 0.6.x is quite stable. I use it on, my job
main site. The features and bugfixes in 0.6.x are merged to 0.5.x after
some time. If you will test the patch on 0.5.x, then it will be included
in next 0.5.35 before NY or before my vacantion in January.

Igor Sysoev

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