https + large-file sending, sometimes fails

Cliff Wells cliff at
Fri Dec 21 04:37:23 MSK 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 15:02 +0100, Gábor Farkas wrote:
> Igor Sysoev wrote:

> > 0.6.23 will be next week.
> hmm... but isn't the 0.6 "series" the development series?
> at least, from the website:
> The last stable version is nginx-0.5.34, the change log.
> The last development version is nginx-0.6.22, the change log.

You'll also find in the FAQ that most people consider 0.6 stable enough.

I run all my servers on 0.6.x.  If I were to encounter issues with a
particular 0.6.x release, I'd simply revert to whatever 0.6.x release I
was using previously.

> which practically means, that debian does not have the 0.6 series.
> so i probably will have to patch my local copy of nginx-0.5.x :-(

Or upgrade to 0.6 =)  Not sure that patching a 0.5 package is any easier
than installing 0.6 from source.

> p.s: are there any plans making the 0.6 series "stable"
> at some point? :-)

I think that's a question for the Debian packagers.  Given Debian's
rather conservative attitude, I wouldn't expect much.  Even were Igor to
declare 0.6 stable tomorrow, I doubt you'd see it in Debian until next
year some time.


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