Nginx reverse proxy + mongrel and fork

Nicky Be lists at
Sat Dec 22 22:10:42 MSK 2007

Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> 1.) what do you mean with 'immediately'?

The rails log confirms that the mongrel (upstream) process has finished. 
At this point, nginx should return the response immediately, but it 

> 2.) do you get the answer?

Eventually, nginx does return the response: here are some abbreviated 
logs from a long running request: - - [22/Dec/2007:13:55:33 -0500] "GET 
/admin/categories/refresh_solr/62 HTTP/1.1" 302  0 
"http://localhost/admin/categories/products" "Firefox/" "-" 
60.335 60.335 - - [22/Dec/2007:13:56:50 -0500] "GET /admin/categories 
HTTP/1.1" 200  2652 "http://localhost/admin/categories/products" 
"Firefox/" "-" 1.881 1.881

The first line is requesting the long running action (which calls fork.) 
After forking, it issues a redirect (the second GET).  The last two 
numbers are the $request_time and $upstream_response_time.

The nginx error log includes this entry:

2007/12/22 13:55:33 [error] 3730#0: *1 upstream timed out (60: Operation 
timed out) while reading upstream, client:, server: 
nick.local, request: "GET /admin/categories/refresh_solr/62 HTTP/1.1", 
upstream: "", 
host: "localhost", referrer: 


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