Nginx reverse proxy + mongrel and fork

Nicky Be lists at
Sun Dec 23 01:46:58 MSK 2007

Ezra Zygmuntowicz wrote:
> In fact I've seen the same thing with apache as well. The answer is
> *do not fork* in a rails app *ever*. It will just not work and will
> lead to subtle bugs exactly like what you are seeing. Give yourself a
> break and do not fork a rails app.

Thanks for the reply-- I'll look into Bj, although I was hoping to avoid 
going down that path.  If you could, could you elaborate on why forking 
is a bad idea?  From what I've read, active record db connections seemed 
to be the culprit.  It seems odd to me that my app works fine if I don't 
front it with nginx, or if I use an alternative reverse proxy (pen.)

Thanks Ezra.
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