let's build nginx server with caching !?

Dmitry Sherman lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Dec 24 00:49:12 MSK 2007

chen changliang wrote:
> nginx has a mirror module  named proxy_store,I think that it will be
> a uesful method for your CDN works.
> 2007/11/29, Nati Abargel <bdeveloper at gmail.com>:

I've tried to use the proxy_store feature to cache flv files on the 
nginx server,
For some reason most of the files are corrupted, when I compared the 
original files to the cached I found the cached corrupted files are 
little smaller (some of the more and some less smaller) then the 

The connection between the servers is fast and there is no congestion on 
the line.
I tried to upgrade to nginx 0.6 (latest) – didn't help.

When I cache small images everything goes well. The FLV files size 
varies from 1mb to 20mb , the small (1mb) files also have the same 

At the end, the player cannot play those files at all, what I do now is 
running rsync between the servers, it solves me the problem but actually 
its not a good solution because I need new added flv files to work 
instantly without waiting for the rsync schedule.

What do you think?
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