Access key module

Cliff Wells cliff at
Sun Dec 30 11:54:05 MSK 2007

On Sat, 2007-12-29 at 22:19 -0500, Evan Miller wrote:
> In October, Mykola Grechukh announced his new ngx_http_accesskey_module 
> to the Russian listserver.[1] The module lets you give access keys to 
> specific IP addresses, which is useful for restricting downloads to 
> certain clients. I packaged his patch into a stand-alone module and 
> translated the documentation. You can find installation instructions and 
> usage notes on the wiki:
> This is now the 10th third-party, open-source module that I know of. Cool!

And this makes me wonder if we want to implement some sort of "clearing
house" for 3rd party modules.   Specifically, I think the following
would be useful:

1) A secure, centralized place (RCS system or even just tarballs) to
download from (wiki is too open: even links to outside source code make
me nervous since they could be altered by a malicious editor to lead to
poisoned source code).

2) Issue tracking.  Might be handy for module authors to not have to
maintain their own Trac (or whatever) instance.

3) Perhaps adding some feature to the Nginx build process that allowed
3rd party modules to be easily downloaded and installed (from site
listed in item 1) via configure/make flags (or is this just wishful

Anyway, ideas welcome.  I'm happy to setup and maintain whatever is
decided upon.


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