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Mon Dec 31 19:33:12 MSK 2007

Evan Miller ha scritto:
> Grzegorz Nosek wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 12:55:23PM +0100, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> [...]
>> I'm not going to fight about putting them in a single tree (though I'd
>> like it), but I think they should all be accessible from a single place
>> with a unified interface. IMO this makes them look more polished than a
>> bunch of links (an svn here, a tarball there etc.). However, this would
>> require a certain amount of coordination between module authors.
> I too would prefer that the modules sit in a single tree. Perhaps a good 
> model is the Linux kernel: they have hundreds of modules written and 
> maintained by different people, but each one is approved by a number of 
> people before shipping. 


> I personally think that most non-Igor modules 
> should sit in the main tree (src/http/modules), and the --add-module 
> mechanism should be used only for one-off or proprietary modules that 
> are privately maintained.


 > [...]
> We should talk to Igor about his attitude toward third-party modules. I 
> imagine he just doesn't have time to inspect, test, and integrate them. 
> If it makes things easier, I'd be willing to consolidate our modules 
> into a "community edition" and work with Igor to get changes accepted 
> upstream.


> [...]
> Yes, it's time we had something more flexible than the Guide. I would 
> like both a low-level API reference and a high-level document more like 
> the Guide. For the low-level stuff, I think something like javadoc 
> parsed from the code would work best. (Another task for the "community 
> edition"?) 

I think that it is better to keep the documentation *outside* the sources.

> For the high-level stuff, I rather like how the Django book 
> does it:
> Each chapter has an individual author, but then anyone can leave 
> comments in the margins. I'd prefer this model to a wiki because 
> high-level guides are difficult to write, and their authors deserve 
> credit for their work.

The documentation should be edited using an RCS (I *hate* to edit 
documents using browsers), but comments should be easy to add.

> Evan

Manlio Perillo

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