nginx 0.5.12 fails to build from source in MIPS[EL], HPPA and ARM -- was Re: nginx-0.5.12

José Parrella joseparrella at
Wed Feb 14 08:07:25 MSK 2007

Šime Ramov escribió:
> And also thanks to the person who maintains Debian package at
> and everyone involved...

0.5.12 has recently entered Debian Sid today, but it fails to build from
source in MIPS, MIPSEL, HPPA and ARM since this warning is treated as an

src/event/ngx_event_accept.c: In function 'ngx_shmtx_trylock':
src/core/ngx_shmtx.h:61: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
make[2]: *** [objs/src/event/ngx_event_accept.o] Error 1

Build logs are available in [1] (browse all the way through the end of
the page) -- I'm unable to point out what the problem might be, does
anyone have any ideas regarding this?



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