HTTP load balancing algorithm

Florian Munz surf at
Tue Jan 23 00:10:47 MSK 2007

Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> i'd be deathly scared of running a loadbalancer that automagically
> handled slow/fast requests the way you expect.  the configuration would
> be a nightmare, and it would be doing so much logging and profiling of
> request timings, it might negate the purpose of a load balancer to begin
> with.

well, I dont't want to configure explicitly where requests go.

There are hardware balancers which do that (which cost a fortune) and
the upcoming lighttpd release seems to support something like that
(Shortest Queue First):

I'm not really sure if that's the solution for my problem and I realize
that advanced logging and profiling is not cheap. It just seems to me
that it's a common problem with rails (fast requests coming from
fragment caching etc, slow requests from complex pages with lots of db
queries) and was hoping others found a solution for it :)

- Florian

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