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Thu Jan 25 19:48:08 MSK 2007

Changes with nginx 0.5.9                                         25 Jan 2007

     *) Change: now the ngx_http_memcached_module uses the $memcached_key
        variable value as a key.

     *) Feature: the $memcached_key variable.

     *) Feature: the "clean" parameter in the "client_body_in_file_only"

     *) Feature: the "env" directive.

     *) Feature: the "sendfile" directive is available inside the "if" block.

     *) Feature: now on failure of the writing to access nginx logs a
        message to error_log, but not more often than once a minute.

     *) Bugfix: the "access_log off" directive did not always turn off the

Igor Sysoev

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