Šime Ramov hi at
Tue Jan 30 01:33:13 MSK 2007

2007/1/29, Aleksandar Lazic <al-nginx at>:
> Hm this is a very difficult question, from my point of view.
> [...]
> As I have said: it isn't a easy question because there are many, many
> opinions about this issue ;-)

Yeah, I was expecting exactly this answer :)

> 4.) You *must* measure you applicaton a *easy* explanation is here:
>, yust think
>     on django instead of mongrels ;-)

Thanks, that really helps a lot! I'll do some testing tomorrow.

Right now, I have one testing Django site with default
worker_processes 1; and it's just blazingly fast. But note that it's
just private site, for testing, on a sub-domain. It gets almost no
traffic, except me and a few others.

So, I'll do some testing and adjust for a real world usage case.

Anyway, this just shows how Django and nginx is fast. It's amazing.
Just one Django FastCGI threaded server and one nginx instance with
one worker process sitting in front and serving static files while
passing dynamic stuff to FastCGI. I just couldn't believe the speed of
rendering, the site just appears :) And it's dynamic -- it grabs from
SQLite db, no caching. On a 160MB RAM VPS.

 - Šime

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