Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Wed Jan 31 10:48:32 MSK 2007


On Mit 31.01.2007 09:50, Scott Yang wrote:
>Nginx utilises async IO so effectively you just need to use 1 worker
>process (unless you have more connections than max_connection).
>Therefore the previous link regarding number of Mongrel processes does
>not apply, as Mongrel is pretty much blocking on dispatching the
>requests to RoR, whereas a single worker process Nginx as front-end can
>easily juggle between multiple Mongrel backends.

Well, you are right for RoR but mongrel can handle more requests per
instance if you use a threadsafe framework like nitro, but this is
another story ;-)

I have send this link because it explained very easy and in few word how
you can test your setting, there are many many many sites out there
which explain in epic length how you can/should test your setup but I
thought this would not help the OP, I have thought he understand my
point right, and I think he have ;-)



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