Incompleted (truncated) PHP output

Huan Truong huantnh at
Thu Jul 5 08:55:23 MSD 2007

After digging into the problem, I found out that the bug does not resides on 
the gzip content or gzip module, but it is somewhere in my server 

I have tried to access the page via elinks on that machine (on which nginx 
is installed), and the contents of the scripts are returned correctly. But 
when I used another computer to access it, the problem occurs again. The 
returned content from php fastcgi server is truncated.

I tried several events module, and the interesting thing is, when I used 
different events modules, the point -- where the returned configuration is 
truncated -- changed.

I cannot figure out what caused the problem.


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"Huan Truong" <huantnh at> wrote in 
message news:f6bf3p$3om$1 at
> Hi all,
> I met a very weird problem with nginx and PHP - nginx - in some very rare 
> cases, does not return the whole content of php script. For example, this 
> page:
> - isn't returned correctly -- It is truncated. Some other files are also 
> truncated, and that files resulted uncompleted web pages.
> One more example:
> Seems that nginx doesn't like php scripts that produce too long results?
> I have checked all the configurations in php.ini and nginx.conf but 
> couldn't find anything wrong - I have updated nginx to the lastest but 
> both .56 and .61 have the same problem.
> This is my phpinfo file:
> Anyone has experienced this? Please help me.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Huan, Truong -- huantnh at
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