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Tue Jul 17 14:32:08 MSD 2007

Am 17.07.2007 um 12:11 schrieb Igor Sysoev:

> Changes with nginx 0.6.4                                         17  
> Jul 2007
>     *) Security: the "msie_refresh" directive allowed XSS.
>     *) Change: the "proxy_store" and "fastcgi_store" directives were
>        changed.
>     *) Feature: the "proxy_store_access" and "fastcgi_store_access"
>        directives.

First let me say many thanks for this great software. I think I'm not  
alone, if I say, that nginx is the second most valuable component in  
our setup besides the application server itself in use (Zope in our  

After the great value of the memcache-module I'm quite eager to learn  
more about the caching possibilities introduced in this new release.  
Is there some more information how to use these new directives and  
what the general idea or concept stands behind them?

Thankful and with regards,

__Janko Hauser

Dr. Janko Hauser  email:  jhauser at
                  mobile: +49 1721 641552

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