rewrite or internal redirection cycle

Igor Sysoev is at
Sun Jul 29 13:28:48 MSD 2007

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 10:46:16AM +0200, Remo Laubacher wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've installed nginx 0.5.29 on a second server which uses the
> configuration file I wrote for the first nginx server running with 0.5.26.
> On the new server I'm getting this error:
> 2007/07/29 10:25:10 [error] 14422#0: *19 rewrite or internal redirection
> cycle while processing "/cms/files/logo.jpg", client: A.B.C.D, server:
> localhost, URL: "/cms/files/kk-20-Turm.jpg", host: "www.www.www"
> The reason for this is this rewrite statement:
> rewrite ^(.*)/files/(.*) /cms/files/$2 last;
> I understand that the pattern matches the new location as well, but it
> worked with 0.5.26 and I was also excepting that when I use the keyword
> "last" it stays there and does not try to execute the rewrite statement
> again... What's wrong there?

Where is this rewrite - on server or location level ?

It's strange that you see error on 0.5.29 and do not see on 0.5.26: there
were no changes in this area between the versions.

Igor Sysoev

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