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Mon Jul 30 13:19:14 MSD 2007

Changes with nginx 0.6.6                                         30 Jul 2007

    *) Feature: the --sysconfdir=PATH option in configure.

    *) Feature: named locations.

    *) Feature: the $args variable can be set with the "set" directive.

    *) Feature: the $is_args variable.

    *) Bugfix: fair big weight upstream balancer.

    *) Bugfix: if a client has closed connection to mail proxy then nginx 
       might not close connection to backend.

    *) Bugfix: if the same host without specified port was used as backend 
       for HTTP and HTTPS, then nginx used only one port - 80 or 443.

    *) Bugfix: fix building on Solaris/amd64 by Sun Studio 11 and early 
       versions; bug appeared in 0.6.4.

Igor Sysoev

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