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Mon Jul 30 23:08:35 MSD 2007

Hi Igor-

On Jul 30, 2007, at 2:19 AM, Igor Sysoev wrote:

> Changes with nginx 0.6.6                                         30  
> Jul 2007
>     *) Feature: named locations.

Can you show a simple example?

>     *) Feature: the $is_args variable.

What does this variable reference?

>     *) Bugfix: fair big weight upstream balancer.

Can you go into more details about this one? Is this a change in the  
load balancing algorithm for upstream proxies?--

> Igor Sysoev

Thanks  for any clarification you can give. I'll add this to the wiki  
once I understand how these features work.

P.S  Is it still in your plans to add a connection rate limit feature  
of the upstream proxy module?

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