SSL cert vendors for use with nginx?

Geoffrey Grosenbach boss at
Tue Jun 5 07:08:12 MSD 2007

On 6/4/07, Wayne E. Seguin <wayneeseguin at> wrote:
> Good luck, and should you come across the solution please post it back to
> the list.

Awesome...the tips in the second link did it for me. I made a
"combined.crt" file with

* My cert
* Then the contents of the gd_intermediate_bundle.crt
* I referenced the combined file with the "ssl_certificate" directive
(The "ssl_client_certificate" directive was not needed).

The only other problem was that I was referencing the Google Analytics
Javascript in an unsecured way, which gave me a broken lock at the top
of my page. I followed these directions and now have a solid lock with
no errors and no browser alerts.


Geoffrey Grosenbach
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