smiley smileyrecords.tk at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 19:27:18 MSD 2007

Hi i was the one who mentioned the "X-LIGHTTPD-SID" feature @  
http://wiki.codemongers.com/NginxFeatureRequests webpage

i looked over proxy_hide_header and that doesnt do what is required

bascialy as an example i have a php script like so:



$session_id = '1234567890';
$file       = '/tmp/10meg.file';

header( "X-LIGHTTPD-SID: $session_id );
header( "X-Accel-Redirect: $file");



so therefore this script would send a test 10MB file to the client and the  
session_id would be logged into the access-log

this is an incredibly usefull feature as the logs can be parsed later to  
deduce how much bandwidth was used per session!

more on this (see last paragraph) @ this page:  

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