nginx + php = timeout

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Fri Mar 9 17:05:08 MSK 2007


i just moved yesterday a relatively big Wordpress blog from an old box with
apache2 to a new one with nginx
Everything seemed to work ok until ~30 minutes ago when clients started to
complain site is working slow and after few checks i noticed that i was
gettting "504 Gateway Time-out" and slow loads on php pages but i had no
problem with html pages and i have no clue why this is happening
im using lighty's spawn-fcgi to spawn php with the following config lines


i don't know how usefull this is but lsof showed me that i had ~1100
established nginx connections (4 workers with 1024 connections per worker so
this is not an issue) and ~1000 connections to the php-cgi port (don't know
if this should be a problem as i have 5 childrens with 1000 max requests
each but maybe i didn't understand how this exactly works)

thanks in advance
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