Evan Miller emmiller+gmane at
Thu May 3 12:43:51 MSD 2007

What do you get when you combine the world's greatest web server with the
world's greatest text editor? Well, not *quite* the best syntax highlighting
file out there, but it's a start:

Nginx has a beautiful configuration syntax and deserves to be colored
appropriately. If you're a Vim user, this file will light up the valid
directives in your nginx.conf, and it will highlight variable names inside of
strings and URLs for easier reading. It's all done quite tastefully, if I may
say so.

To install, download the above file into your ~/.vim/syntax/ folder (create that
folder if it doesn't exist already). Then ensure that ~/.vim/filetype.vim has
this line:

au BufRead,BufNewFile nginx.conf* setf nginx                                   

Please note that these highlighting rules are very BETA as I just learned how to
make this kind of thing three hours ago. Send comments, anomalies, and
improvements my way.

My heart goes out to the list's Emacs users.


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