Client-IP HTTP header to X-Forwarded-For

Mike lists.accounts at
Thu May 3 18:31:44 MSD 2007

Hi all

I am in the dark on this one.

Client requests are through virtual IP's that are handled by a hardware 
load balancer, and then passed onto the real servers on the backend. The 
source IP from the client is NAT'd so that all IP's appear to originate 
from the load balancer. Responses from the real servers are sent back 
via the load balancer to the client.

On the load balancer, I have enabled, in the configuration, that a 
header be added by the load balancer and passed onto the server that is 
running Nginx (version 0.5.19). The request header that is added and 
passed out to the real server, is as follows:

Client-IP: myip

Is there any way to get Nginx to log this IP as the remote_addr or as 
X-Forwarded-For so that the PHP application that Nginx is passing 
requests to will log the real source IP? I realise that there have been 
posts in the past but I have not been able to figure this out.

Any help would be great.



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