proxy with caching functionality

Martin Minka martin.minka at
Thu May 10 12:35:31 MSD 2007

I have question about caching functionality in nginx.
The purpose is to use nginx on local server to speed up responses from
<remote server>.
1. Will the following configuation cache static content from <remote server>
for 5d ?
2. Where will the cached content be stored ? Directory ../nginx/proxy_temp
is always empty.
                location ~*
|mid|midi|wav|bmp|rtf|js|swf|xml)$ {
                        include       conf/mime.types;     
                        proxy_pass http:// <http://<remote server>> <remote
                        proxy_redirect          off;           
                        access_log   logs/access.static.log;
                        expires      5d;
Martin Minka

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