New debs with backports

José Miguel Parrella Romero joseparrella at
Thu May 17 16:29:53 MSD 2007

nhytro-python at escribió:
> Hi, I would like to know if there is an URL for the latest Nginx for Debian Sarge. Sarge packages 0.4, Debian unstable and etch package 0.5.13.

Etch: 0.4.13
Lenny: 0.5.13
Sid: 0.5.18

Current upstream is 0.5.20. Check in [1] if you need any of the newer
upstream features. If you do, I can prepare Debian packages for it. Etch
released 0.4 because it was freezed before I could release a 0.5
package, and my request to unfreeze nginx was denied.

Note that nginx Sid packages feature sites-[available|enabled] [2]

Anyway, there's a good chance for you to try and run Sid or Lenny
packages in Etch (or even Sarge, which is oldstable) If they don't work,
then you might want to try and build them.

Thanks for your time and interest in nginx and Debian,


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