New debs with backports

José Miguel Parrella Romero joseparrella at
Thu May 17 17:42:16 MSD 2007

Manlio Perillo escribió:
> I have tried to install 0.5.18 on Etch and it failed.
> If I remember, the version of libc has changed in testing/unstable.

You can rebuild it. It's quite fast in a P4 machine, and the source is

$ apt-get source nginx
$ cd nginx-0.5.18/
$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

> I would really appreciate the availability of new versions of nginx on

Sure, but Backports is not an official service, and as such it's managed
outside the Debian Project. You might want to subscribe to the
backports-users mailing list then.

Thanks for your time,

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