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Igor Sysoev is at
Sat Oct 13 10:58:33 MSD 2007

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 02:07:07PM -0400, Adam Michaels wrote:

> I'm using nginx to proxy for both ruby on rails and php applications. Some of my users are reporting intermittant connection reset errors in their browsers. The behavior they describe consists of the browser fully loading the web page then immediately forwarding them to a connection reset page. I have seen it first hand a couple of times but have not been able to consistently reproduce it. I checked the access log for the request and it never gets logged by nginx. Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior?
> My guess is its some kind of bug with 302 handling.

Could you set nginx error_log to info level:

error_log  /path/to/log  info;

reproduce the bug and show the error_log ?

Igor Sysoev

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