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Sat Oct 20 12:40:43 MSD 2007

On Fri, Oct 19, 2007 at 09:19:21PM -0700, Ben Marklein wrote:

> I'm relatively new to nginx and I'm trying to figure
> out whether it's suitable for a specific use I have. 
> I'd like to set up the following for serving a high
> volume of "badge" images in a lazy mannger.  These are
> images that are customized per-user, for use on social
> network site profile pages.  Can someone tell me if
> this will be possible using nginx?
> 1) Request for /badge/username.jpg comes into nginx. 
> It proxies(?) to S3 using a standardized scheme.
> 2) If the image is present it's passed back via nginx.
>  If not, we get a 404.  nginx then proxies to a Rails
> app that generates the image on the fly, and kicks off
> a background task to upload the image to S3 so that.
> If someone could tell me whether this is possible and
> ideally provide some configuration pseudocode I would
> be very grateful.  Thanks!

S3 - is it Amazon S3 ?

    location  /badge/ {
        proxy_pass   http://...S3...

        proxy_intercept_errors  on;
        error_page    404  =  @rails;

    location  @rails {
        proxy_pass   http://rails;

Igor Sysoev

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