Gzip compression and Transfer-Encoding

Igor Sysoev is at rambler-co.ru
Mon Oct 22 15:03:42 MSD 2007

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 08:52:27PM +1000, Dave Cheney wrote:

> 	Thanks for your reply
> >What problem with chunked encoding ?
> No real problem with well behaved browsers, but I have heard that  
> older versions of IE can't pipeline chunked requests (I may be  
> working from old information)

What do you mean by "pipeline" ? MSIE still does not support pipelined

I used chunked gzipped response since 2001 year in my Apache module
mod_deflate I did not heard about this problems.

> >>	Is their a buffer setting that specifies the size of the initial
> >>buffer to be compressed, the idea being that if the whole response
> >>body fits in that one buffer, it can be compressed in one go, and the
> >>resulting content length discovered.
> >
> >The problem is that gzip is filter: the header sent to client before
> >compression even starts. However, it is possible to postpone header
> >processing to know the compressed size.
> The way lighttpd does it is to have a small buffer, 8k by default  
> where the compressed representation is sent. If the compressed body  
> fits in this buffer completely then the content-length is known,  
> otherwise chunked encoding is activated and compression continues in  
> 8k blocks (i think).

Do you mean modern lighty gzipping filter ?

Igor Sysoev

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