Is mod_php walking on its road?

marc at marc at
Tue Oct 23 13:24:49 MSD 2007

Worse than that.   As requests per second grow nginx' performance will 
then degrade because the entire server would be blocked.

Use PHP over fastcgi for optimum performance.  If you want to *hurt* 
performance, write a php module.

Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> Hi,
> On Die 23.10.2007 17:02, Steve Chu wrote:
>> Hi, all
>>    Does anybody here have a plan or already be writing a nginx version
>> mod_php that similar with apache's?  If nobody does, we are try to
>> write one.
> Due the fact that nginx have fastcgi why do you think that this is
> necessary?!
> Cheers
> Aleks
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