Unusual requirement using perl?

Kingsley Foreman kingsley at internode.com.au
Tue Oct 30 17:34:52 MSK 2007

I have an unusual requirement for a poject im working on.

What I need to do is somehow make it so that an ip address is able to hit a 
folder but anyone not on that address will get a 404 or 403 message.

Im not much of a perl programmer however what i need it to do is this
$ip = $r->remote_addr ;
$request = "/htdocs/111222333444-123456789/blah/";  # this would be the 
$r->uri i think
$ip =~ s/\.//g;

$request =~ /\/htdocs\/([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)\/blah\//; # matches the 
111222333444 and 123456789 in the request
if ($ip == $1){
        print "allow"; # allow it to open the file/folder
} else {
        print "404"; # send a 404 or 403 message to the client
I hope this example sort of shows what I need to happen, however I have no 
idea how to use the perl-embed module to make it work.

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