config file for only static files.

Igor Sysoev is at
Sun Apr 6 12:14:20 MSD 2008

On Sat, Apr 05, 2008 at 06:41:16PM -0400, Amer Shah wrote:

> First of all, I'm using
> nginx-0.6.29.tar.gz<>from
> .. I build it from source. I don't
> understand the Russian on that site but it seems to me
> that this is a developement version? Is this stable to use in production?

It's stable enough. I use it on most my production sites.

> Secondly I noticed something strange with gzip_static on. If I have this in
> my conf and I have a file indexd12.htm as well as indexd12.htm.gz in the
> root then even though I have
> indexd12.htm.gz it still picks up indexd12.htm .. However when I delete
> indexd12.htm , then the server rightly sends back indexdh1.htm.gz ..
> According to,
> the server should be sending back indexd12.htm.gz even if there is an
> indexd12.htm in the directory. Any thoughts?

It's strange. Could you create debug log ?

Igor Sysoev

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