OT: 'best' dynamic language

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Wed Apr 23 10:10:04 MSD 2008

On Die 22.04.2008 16:31, Manlio Perillo wrote:
> Marcin Kasperski ha scritto:
>>>> Regarding nginx support: currently I tend to believe that using
>>>> nginx as reverse proxy (and static file server) may be the best
>>>> runtime configuration....
>>> The problem with reverse proxy is that you need another server,
>> FastCGI/SCGI/etc are also another server, just less explicit ;-)
> Of course :)

Full ack ;-)

>>> and this server is usually written in Python, and most of the time
>>> it uses threads for concurrency,
>> If you are hardcore, you can use twisted. But IMO it is overkill for
>> web.
> By the way I'm a Twisted programmer :).

Cool ;-)



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