Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

Todd HG lists at
Fri Apr 25 21:28:53 MSD 2008

Kiril Angov wrote:
> The webserver never just shows a blank page and if you have run web
> application for years as you say you should know that PHP is the
> problem here. If you get the admin panel to work and then you get
> blank pages on the rest then of course it is PHP the problem. And
> first you were asking for rewrite rules and people gave you the exact
> rules  and I am sure they work because I have the same in my config
> and it took me less than 5 minutes to get my blog to run under Nginx,
> why, because I was not bothering this list with problems related to my
> PHP configuration. Please, hire a PHP developer or admin to fix your
> problem because it is something specific to your PHP setup and just
> stop posting. As Igor said it comes to my mailbox and I am tired of
> deleting your emails...

You only have yourself to thank for creating one more email to delete.

Great mailing list. So many arrogant people here making the considerate 
folks look bad.

FYI Kiril, I haven't confirmed that my issue is related to my PHP 
configuration. I only said I'd look into it as a possibility. In fact, 
it's reasonable to expect Wordpress to run properly under Nginx if it's 
running properly under Apache, especially when PHP executes when 
accessing the control panel, but not the homepage of the site. Doesn't 
seem like a clear PHP problem. If Apache can do it, why can't Nginx?

Next time you pull your head out of your butt, open your eyes before you 
open your mouth. Your breath smells terrible.
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