Memcached module -- unix domain socket support? (too many TIME_WAITs..)

Kon Wilms konfoo at
Fri Aug 1 08:54:03 MSD 2008

I have a pool of memcached servers running on localhost with
connection to nginx, feeding motion jpeg data out via static JPEGs to
a flash application. The load is pretty high on the server because of
this with each client running 3 GETs from memcached every second (i.e.

Nginx works fine, however, the problem I have is that thousands of
TIME_WAITs are created from the memcached GET requests, which I would
like to eliminate. I've already tuned the kernel but this has not
reduced it enough to handle a couple thousand viewers on the server.

Is there any way to connect nginx's memcached module to memcached via
unix domain socket or perhaps UDP, or any other ideas on how to fix
this problem?


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