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Nanyang Zhan lists at
Fri Aug 1 09:09:48 MSD 2008

Jeff Emminger wrote:

It's you again. Thank you for your reply.

> Do you have apache already running on port 80?  Check your "Web
> Sharing" in System Preferences.

No, Web Sharing isn't checked, and I don't think any application other 
than nginx is using port 80, because I can visit nginx server from the 

I notice a interesting thing however: whenever I kill the working nginx 
process, a new nginx daemon will be started.
I think it is nginx itself trying to starts a new nginx daemon, even 
when one nginx have been started and have occupied the port.But I don't 
know how two stop the new nginx stop trying.

I am sure I have just one launchd file loaded. Since If I delete or 
unload the one, no working nginx can be found.

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