HTTP PUT for file uploads

Michael nginx at
Fri Aug 1 18:52:11 MSD 2008

On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 15:17:20, Phillip B Oldham said...

> Exactly - 2GB is going to be hell to upload. At least with FTP it can use 
> multiple ports for data transfer. And with a web interface I'd expect users 
> to get annoyed with clicking "back" accidentally or having their 
> email-client open a link using the same window. With FTP you can 
> "background" the process.

Yeah, users would do something like that... I wonder how youtube deals with it?
Those uploads take a loooong time.. do users get frustrated and abort the

Handling the upload in a web server or backend application wouldn't be hard at
all though, it's mostly just handling the user that's the problem.

> As for firewalls; just use an active connection rather than passive. Job 
> done. You'll loose the benefit of the different ports, though.

There's more to it than that... but again, not nginx related.

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