Issue with nginx not waiting for a response from mongrel

W. Andrew Loe III andrew at
Sat Aug 2 00:51:14 MSD 2008

By default, nginx proxying is just round-robin. The fair proxy
balancer will try to avoid overloading your mongrels.

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Rupert Fiasco <rufiasco at> wrote:
> This might be more of a mongrel issue, not sure where the problem lies.
> We are proxying mongrels behind an instance of nginx 0.6.29 and are
> seeing situations where nginx passes off a request to a mongrel but
> then doesnt wait for a response. Note it is not timing out, we are
> logging the upstream response time and all of these cases are less
> than the default 60s proxy_read_timeout value.
> In a possibly related issue, nginx will continue to send requests to a
> busy mongrel (which I think just queues them?). By analyzing the Rails
> log and matching it up with the nginx access log with upstream timing
> we can see that nginx is issuing multiple requests to a mongrel when
> clearly its busy. Ultimately this will result in a long running
> process and then seemingly nginx getting confused.
> All of the proxy_read, connect timeout values are not specified - so
> the defaults are being used.
> Thanks
> -Rupert

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