SSL Problems with 0.7.[78]

Steffen Weber nginx at
Thu Aug 7 21:05:52 MSD 2008

Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> On Don 07.08.2008 13:46, Steffen Weber wrote:
>> Joshua Schmidlkofer wrote:
>>> I put up a gentoo box this weekend, and I installed nginx 0.7.7 on
>>> it.  I put a php backend on via fastcgi.  No matter what I did,
>>> Firefox+HTTPS didn't work properly. [...]
>> I'm experiencing the same problem with phpMyAdmin, Firefox 3,
>> nginx 0.7.[78] and SSL. The problem does not occur with Konqueror
>> 3.5. And it previously worked fine with nginx 0.7.6 and Firefox 3. So
>> the bug must have been introduced in nginx 0.7.7.
> Please can you provide us with a debug log?

I have uploaded one here:

The server that I have used to generate the debug log runs PHP 5.3.0
Alpha 1, but on our production server the same problem occurs with PHP

After about one minute Firefox finally displays the page. At this point
some timeout event occurs in nginx:

2008/08/07 17:27:18 [info] 7791#0: *106 client timed out (110:
Connection timed out) while reading client request line

Hope that helps.

Kind regards
Steffen Weber

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