Directory permissions behavior changed?

mike mike503 at
Fri Aug 8 22:37:47 MSD 2008

On 8/8/08, Igor Sysoev <is at> wrote:

> > But it would fall back to autoindex if
> > a) no index files were found
> > b) autoindex was enabled
> > c) the directory passed stat() test
> >
> > Correct?
> Yes. But autoindex directive must be on.

Of course :) that was what "b)" meant :)

> I will probaly make directive "try_all_indexes  on|off".
> Could you suggest better name ?

I would suggest that this is just the default behavior. If people
don't want a lot of file scans, then don't configure multiple "index
index.1 index.html index.php index.cgi" etc. or configure them in the
order that makes most sense.

I don't believe this needs a new directive, it doesn't make sense to
create a directive to say "yes, actually look for all of the index
files in order before processing the directory"

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