realip module broken?

Spil Games lists at
Tue Aug 12 18:57:10 MSD 2008

Spil Games wrote:
> Does this ring a bell for anyone? It seems to me like the realip module
> is seriously broken (at least in 0.6.32). I had a look at the source
> code, but cannot come with anything obvious.

I think I figured it out. We run multiple Nginx backends behind a Zeus 
ZXTM loadbalancer. The loadbalancer is configured to use keepalives to 
the backends and thus pipes requests from various source addresses 
through one connection.

When the first request on a new lb->ws connection comes in, Nginx 
matches the source address to the value set through 'set_real_ip_from'. 
Let's assume the request originates from the loadbalancer (obviously :P) 
and that we have set 'set_real_ip_from' appropriately. The realip module 
will patch the following:

  sin->sin_addr.s_addr = addr;
  r->connection->addr_text.len = len;
  r->connection-> = p;

So the IP address is corrected for this connection. So far, so good.

Now to the second request: Nginx will try to match the source address 
again, but because this is the same (already patched) connection, it 
will not match 'set_real_ip_from' and the address will pass unmodified, 
which is incorrect because this request originates from a different 
client ip address.

I can work around this problem by setting 'set_real_ip_from' to 
'', but I think this is essentially a bug in the module. It 
should not patch the source ip address for the whole (keepalive) 
connection, but only for the current request.
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