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I agree with you.



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Also, look at gzip compression, you might want to have to turn that on 
in nginx (in case you have it in apache).
I don't see any other way to have such a big difference without
1. difference with compression
2. difference with request ammount
3. difference with request caching, mod_expires (as mentioned before by 
Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> Hi cq wei,
> On Don 14.08.2008 15:28, cq wei wrote:
>> hello,i am a linux system administrator ,and i have problem now,the
>> nginx as picture server,the bandwidth is higher than apache in the same
>> condition.For example,established connections is 3000,apache's
>> bandwidth is about 4MB,but the nginx is about 7MB,i am sure the two
>> servers run the same services,and in the same datacenter .what should i
>> do,maybe i should modify config files,but i don't know what should i
>> do.Could you help me,thanks!
> Does you mean that with 3000 R/s you deliver 4MB with Apache and 7MB
> with nginx?
> Are you sure that the requests are the same, the data which are deliverd
> and the r/s also?
> BR
> Aleks
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