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Tue Aug 19 02:23:02 MSD 2008


as a new user to this list, I just want to contribute my little auth_ldap 
module. I hope you enjoy it. Here is an example conf file:

http {
     # LDAP URI
     auth_ldap_uri "ldap://";

     server {
         listen       80;
         server_name  localhost;

         location / {
 	    # Realm
             auth_ldap "LDAP Request";
             # Search Base
             auth_ldap_dn "ou=People,dc=chaos,dc=jmt";
             # The Attribute searching for. Normaly this is uid or cn
             auth_ldap_attribute "uid";
 	    # Activate the authenticaten
 	    # require off; will disable the module.
             require ldap-user;

             root   html;
             index  index.html index.htm;

Also I have some questions during this coding. First of all is there a 
place for third party modules?
And much more important for me: how does the async calling mechanism in 
nginx work? I've played around with NGX_AGAIN, but I doesn't got the 
expected result. So all the ldap code ist sync now. Would be nice to 
change this.

Best Regards,

Markus Teichmann

Markus Teichmann                                Tel: +49  172 301 31 56
Knebelweg 16
31135 Hildesheim                                Email: jmt at
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