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Tue Aug 19 13:49:46 MSD 2008

Fernando - Dfcom wrote:
> Hi list,
> My company has a mail storage system (proprietary). It receives email 
> via lmtp and customers can get email from imap and pop3. This system 
> does not support imap subfolders. For particular reason we need to put 
> a imap proxy in front of this system and I choose nginx to do that. 
> But now we have a problem, our customers need to have subfolder features.
> So I thought about a solution in imap proxy source code, intercept the 
> commands and get subfolder creation/access and change data. All 
> imap access (webmail/outlook) will use this proxy.
> Example,
> If one create a parent folder, let it do this, (ex. Sent)
> If one request to create a sub-folder (Sent/2007) we change the 
> request and create _xxx_Sent_2007 (as parent folder), When client 
> (through proxy) will list or access the folder Sent, we intercept the 
> request, read the original folder name and change the response to 
> subfolder style.

You can do some funky stuff with namespaces in dovecot, also dovecot has 
a reasonable IMAP proxy feature.  Possibly the two bits can be brought 
together to achieve what you need?  Otherwise the author accepts paid 
work so you might be able to pay for your required feature

Just another avenue you might try...

I guess it's not possible to switch to a new mail server such as 
Dovecot/Cyrus then?

Ed W
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