Hit counter persistent variables

Chris Savery chrissavery at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 13:22:04 MSD 2008


Is there a way to have hit counter variables that would save every hour 
or persist across restarts?

I'm working on a photography site that I expect to be serving a huge 
number of thumbnail (static) images. I don't need full logging of the 
thumbnails so I've turned if off for that location but it sure would be 
nice to keep some tracking of how many are served and perhaps at what 
rate. I thought maybe just a counter variable that increments on each 
hit in that location but it wouldn't be too useful unless it could save 
to file from time to time, or perhaps append a count to a file every 
hour so there is a time series log.

I saw there is a traffic logging RRD module but I wonder if that is 
going to impact the ability of handling high activity rates? If that 
were turned on for small static images (target: 4k each, 25 /page, 200+ 
users online) would it slow things down quite a bit? What would be an 
upper limit on users "active" in such a scenario?

Chris :)
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