Adding a module, config variables unknown

Bjoern bjoern at
Wed Aug 20 15:30:25 MSD 2008

Hi everybody,
 I have a problem adding a module.

I've downloaded and extracted the nginx sources.

Downloaded the sources of the module called "accesskey".
Extracted the files to a folder let's call it ~/devel/ngx_accesskey/src/

cd ~/devel/nginx
./configure --add-module=~/devel/ngx_accesskey/src/
make install

Added "accesskey on" to the config (in a location) and started nginx
I get:
2008/08/20 13:18:05 [emerg] 32055#0: unknown directive "accesskey" in 

What did I do wrong?
The object seems to be built and linked to the binary.

I have the same problem with a module I've started to write myself.

Thanks everybody!

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