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Wed Aug 20 17:47:12 MSD 2008

On Wed, Aug 20, 2008 at 14:49:41, Markus Teichmann said...

> > Wouldn't it be better to do the bind as the user authenticating?  There's no
> > need to do the extra step of performing an administrator bind, then look up
> > the user in an additional operation.
> The look up is needed if the user authenticates not with it's dn.
> Sometimes the uid is used for authenticating. Therefore the lookup is
> needed.

Ah yes, that's a good point, I tend to use unix usernames as the dn myself.
I'm doing this (on apache) this way now.

You should also consider adding a filter, like apache does this, eg:

Require ldap-filter |(employeeType=Staff)(employeeType=Freelance)

> The additionl bind should solve some active directory issues. At least
> that's how I understands Kon's mail...
Sure, if it solves problems like that, I'm all for it.  I was just thinking in
terms of efficency, and from a unix/OpenLDAP perspective.  I've no AD

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