Not existant files passed to php backend

Reinis Rozitis r at
Wed Aug 20 19:05:33 MSD 2008

> it is expected
> if you don't like php's 404 page
> set fastcgi_intercept_errors to on

I see.

Just switching from lighty where the default behaviour is first to check the 
local file ( lighttpd has an extra setting 'check-local' where you can 
specify to look for the file on local disk rather than blindly forwarding to 
request on the fastcgi backend )

Although this is handy in case of remote fastcgi backends isnt the majority 
setups where the nginx and php (and other fastcgi processes) are on the same 
box? And as the php is the slowest component wouldnt it be more efficient 
from the performance point of view for the nginx throw the error first 
rather than intercepting the error later (and maybe add a setting/feature 
(mimic to lighty) to disable the local file check)..

Anyways thx for the hint.


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